With a variety of colors to choose from—white, brown, black, red, or even blue—granite is a compliment to all types of décor. Harvested from quarries all over the world; the hard, tough, dense, coarse-grained, crystalline structure of granite lends itself well to a vast variety of construction applications.

Paramount Stone’s granite is sourced globally then cut, customized and finished locally at our Stamford facility. Our expert artisans’ finishing techniques bring out the natural color and enhance the innate durability of all our granite products.

Each slab of granite has its own unique and natural design pattern. Unrepeated patterns of color or “movement” are rare and often more expensive.

Honed or polished, granite is a rock-hard, shiny, extra-durable, stain-resistant, crack and scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant material. Daily kitchen activities pose no problem and it can take a hot pot without the use of a trivet. This makes granite an ideal choice for counter tops.

Granite’s usefulness by no means stops at kitchen counter tops. Paramount Stone can drill, cut, route, hone, polish or texture any custom shape or size granite slab you need for your kitchen, bath, or any interior or exterior applications such as: counter tops, tabletops, back splashes, tile, outdoor kitchens, paving stone, facing stone, monuments, bars, fireplace surrounds, and more!

Need help with ideas? The design team at Paramount Stone has unique insight and sound advice on the latest design trends and industry secrets. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

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