Paramount-Stone-LimestoneLimestone is an age-old building material, with timeless beauty and elegance. It can be seen in ancient Egyptian pyramids and medieval churches and castles. Limestone has been embedded deep in traditional American architecture beginning in the 19th Century and continuing to today. Limestone’s versatility and durablility have made it the material of choice to last for countless generations.

Today, limestone has limitless modern applications. It has been time tested, tried, and true. It is relatively easy to cut into blocks as well as sculpt into elaborate carvings. It is also long lasting and stands up well to exposure. Modern luxury homes thrive on it’s strength and durability. Both small and large projects benefit from its ease of application.

Paramount Stone Company specializes in the fabrication, customization, and development of limestone for all practical, modern applications. When cut and installed correctly, limestone buildings and facades last and are appreciated for well beyond a century.
Paramount Stone can create, fabricate and/or restore limestone elements such as: Balls & Caps, Balusters, Carvings & Statues, Columns & Caps, Entryways, Finials, Fireplaces, Handrails, Keystones, Niches, Pedestals, Monuments, Quoins, Signs, Urns, Walks & Patios, Window Casings, and more!

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