Paramount Stone Marble

Typically composed of an interlocking mosaic carbonate crystals, marble has been a prized material for sculpture since the early renaissance. Michelangelo was one of the first to use this beautiful stone in his works. Light actually penetrates several millimeters into the stone which gives it the characteristic “waxy” look and brings life to the stone no matter where it is used. Typical construction marble is capable of taking a substantial polish, which adds to its inherent beauty and elegance. This makes it an ideal stone for places you want to have that extra level of sophistication and a pristine appearance. Proper care and maintenance of your stone will ensure that its beauty and glow will endure over time.

Consumers should be aware that marble is vulnerable to attack by mild acids, including those found in kitchen and bar settings as well as outdoors. Be mindful of the exposure it will receive when choosing an installation location. Marble is an excellent and highly versatile material. Paramount stone can drill, cut, route, hone, polish or texture any custom shape or size marble slab or block you need for your kitchen, bath, or any interior or exterior applications such as:

Counter tops
Fireplace Surrounds
Tub decks
and more!

We stock a number of color options and patterns to choose from. Need help with ideas? The design team at Paramount Stone has unique insight and sound advice on the latest design trends and industry secrets. Call us for a free consultation and estimate. Click the image on the right to download our marble brochure.

2015 Marble

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