Nicolock Pavers


We carry a full selection of Nicolock™ pavers as well as a complete line of installation tools and materials. Take a look at our gallery of styles from the classic tumbled look to modern clean polished lines, from square and geometric shapes to natural organic forms. There is something for every application – residential to commercial, vehicular to pedestrian.

Paver-Shield™ Pavers

All Nicolock pavers have color throughout the full thickness of the paver. Pavers made with Nicolock’s patented Paver-Shield™ manufacturing technology have an ultra dense surface and richer, more vibrant color that will not fade. Our technology starts with more color, cement, and a very fine aggregate on the wear surface. Although “smooth as silk” in appearance, pavers with Paver Shield have great slip resistance when used on walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decks. Nicolock’s exclusive Paver-Shield™ provides superior protection.


Environmental Permeable

These eco-friendly permeable pavers offer  unique features specifically designed to facilitate water movement into the ground or reservoirs. They reduce water pollution by allowing storm water to percolate back into the soil and into the water table, rather than creating runoff that goes into swears and waterways.  Permeable pavers can reduce water runoff by up to 100%! They also support vehicular and pedestrian traffic.