Sand & Gravel

sand-gravel-headerView our line of sand and gravel products below or download a PDF. Additional types and sizes of all materials are available upon request.sand and gravel brochure pic

Decorative Landscaping

Arctic White

Almost pure white crushed calcite marble.
Ideal for concrete and general landscape applications.

• 3/4”


Barn Red

A dark red argillite.
Ideal for walkways and general landscape applications.

• 3/4”


Native Gravel 

Halfway between round and sharp gravel.
Ideal for decorative and drainage purposes.

• 1/2 – 3/8”


Plymouth Brown

Crushed dolomite marble in a tan to buff color.
Ideal for driveways, walkways and general landscape applications.

• 3/8”


White-GravelCrema Beach Gravel

A decorative gravel for landscaping or interior planting areas.

• 5/8”


Riverjacks GravelRiverjacks Gravel

Natural decorative gravel. Perfect for landscaping and construction applications.

• 1/2” – 1 1/4”


Construction Materials

mason-sandMason Sand

Mason sand is a fine-grained, cost-effective alternative to beach sand. It can be used on volleyball courts or in cement for field mixing mortar.


stone-dustStone Dust

Extremely useful as a base material under patios, walkways and other pathways. Also provides an efficient base layer in horse stalls and stables.


grit-mixGrit Mix

A fine stone  and sand mixture commonly used for sanding roads and driveways, and after ice storms.  Also great for landscaping applications.


trap-rock-gravelTrap Rock Gravel 

Crushed, dark-colored igneous rocks.

• 1 1/4” • 3/4”
• Other sizes available upon request



rip-rapRip Rap

A Granite and Limestone variety to armor shorelines, stream beds, bridge abutments, pilings and shoreline structures against scour, water or ice erosion.